An artistic treat for cat lovers and supporters of iCatCare

A unique art exhibition ‘The Hidden Paw’ is bringing together a stunning collection of paintings depicting cats, from a well-known selection of artists, with funds from sales going towards the work of the charity International Cat Care (iCatCare). The exhibition … Continue reading

Weedkiller advice for cat owners

With the summer here, now is the perfect time to get outdoors! Many of us spend this time of year enjoying and maintaining our gardens, which may include putting down weedkillers to keep our lawns in tip-top condition. However, what … Continue reading

Keep Brazil’s Tapajós River Free and Environmental Reviews Intact!

Brazil’s Environmental Minister recently agreed to stop the dam planned on the Tapajós River, but also threatened that future environmental licensing will not be influenced by Brazil’s indigenous agency FUNAI. Sign the petition: Encourage Brazil’s Environmental Minister José Sarney Filho … Continue reading