Health and Wellness A-Listers Choose Pooch & Mutt To Keep Their Dogs Healthy

A wellness revolution has swept through the nation, growing a desire in UK consumers for all things healthy and natural. The voice of food writers has never been so influential, and their message is now hitting mainstream media, advocating for … Continue reading

Meat is best

Butcher’s Pet Care, which pioneered the original, grain-free canned wet dog food, take a look back over the last 30 years, and examine the effects of ‘over-humanising’ our dog’s food A dog’s life continues to evolve in modern Britain, and … Continue reading

Kennel Club issues welfare warning as people buying French Bulldogs on a whim cause numbers to soar

• French Bulldog set to overtake the Labrador Retriever as the UK’s most popular dog breed by the end of 2018 – the first time the Labrador will have been knocked off the top spot in 27 years • Kennel … Continue reading