Health and Wellness A-Listers Choose Pooch & Mutt To Keep Their Dogs Healthy

A wellness revolution has swept through the nation, growing a desire in UK consumers for all things healthy and natural. The voice of food writers has never been so influential, and their message is now hitting mainstream media, advocating for change in our eating habits and lifestyle choices. Ella Woodward known as Deliciously Ella and Jasmine Hemsley from Hemsley + Hemsley have been leading the way with their healthy recipes and talks on wellbeing. They both spoke recently about using Pooch & Mutt for their dogs as it supports their ethos that ‘good health starts with what we eat’ and that healthy living is for all.

Ella Woodward, known under the name of Deliciously Ella, is a big fan of Pooch & Mutt. Cast as the poster-girl of the wellness movement with a debut cookbook becoming the fastest-selling cookbook on record, the reigning figure in health and wellness is also conscious what she feeds her cocker spaniel, Austin. Ella has revealed she is a big fan of the grain-free functional ingredients in Pooch & Mutt’s products and is happy to find food for her dog that is ethical, natural and nutritious.

Ella Woodward with Pooch and Mutt
Jasmine Hemsley, of the influential wellness brand Hemsely + Hemsley and best selling author and chef also loves stocking up on Pooch & Mutt’s healthy food for her dogs. Jasmine works with a rescue dog charity in India and adopted Arjuna and Bheema, 8 month old puppies who are now happy members of her family in the UK and fed Pooch & Mutt.

Jasmine Hemsley with Pooch and Mutt
For Guy Blaskey, the founder of Pooch & Mutt, the success of the company stems from its dedication to the cause. “Our mission remains at the centre of all that we do; to produce food that is packed with natural, powerful active ingredients, helping dogs lead happy, healthy lives. We’re very proud to have the support of leaders in the wider health and wellness movement, the message is clear – healthy living really is for all” he said.

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